Known issues

Incorrect syntaxes

  • SublimeText 3083: SystemVerilog last update may cause incompatibility

  • SublimeText 3115-3129+: Shell functions are no longer detected

  • SublimeText 3115-3129+: C++ template operators are no longer detected

  • SublimeText 3115-3143+: C++ destructors are not detected (see

  • SublimeText (all versions): Comment continuation doesn’t work on Batch if cursor is at the end of line

Conflict with others plugins

  • WrapLinePlus: Alt+Q redefined (issue #53)

  • DoxyDoc: Enter redefined. Please uninstall this plugin. It cause trouble and add no functionality.

  • CursorRuler: rulers is overwrite (issue #57, Cursor Rulers Issue #13 <> and Cursor Rulers Issue #3 <>). Please do not leave empty to solve problem or use DoxyDoxygen version >= 0.49.0

  • Shader Syntax (GLSL HSLL Cg) 1.0.3: Comments are now handled properly, so trigger now works (you can use “Open/GL Shading Language” instead)

  • TypeScript: This plugin overloads the key bindings and catches Ctrl+Shift+[ (Typescript and Javascript), So, the DoxyDoxygen Unfold command have to be copied in your custom binding to work properly.

Incompatible Sublime Text versions